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  • Melanie Evans-Rivera

Word of the Week - Lambaste

Once in a while I choose a word that is not used as often as it could - or should be - and explain what it means and how it's used. Today's choice is, be warned, a rather violent one.

Lambaste - pronounced lam-ˈbāst - is a word that originated in 17th century England. It has three meanings. It can mean any of the following:

  • to physically assault

  • to verbally attack

  • to criticize aggressively

Examples of Lambaste In a Sentence

"I thought my essay was good until my professor proceeded to lambaste my main argument."

"The toddlers began to lambaste me with their jump ropes until I had to retreat from the playground."

Here's an interesting tidbit of trivia. Lambaste comes from two words, lam and baste, that both mean to beat severely. It follows that to lambaste someone must mean to beat them very, very severely.