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  • Melanie Evans-Rivera

Word of the Week - Peripatetic

Once in a while I choose a word that is not used as often as it could - or should be - and explain what it means and how it's used. Today's word is one that all the travelgrammers out there really ought to know.


The word peripatetic - pronounced ˌperēpəˈtedik - has its origins in Ancient Greek and has two meanings:

Relating to traveling from one place to another, or moving around on foot.

An example of the word used in a sentence would be "After years in the army, he was growing weary of his peripatetic lifestyle." Another example would be "Her wanderlust shines through in her peripatetic adventures."

Nomads, soldiers, and restless explorers all lead peripatetic lives. The term refers to anyone who travels from one place to another on foot, but its most specific definition applies to those who do so for fun. So yes, it's a good hashtag for your best Instagram travel pictures.

Peripatetic also refers to the followers of Aristotle, whose teachings inspired a school of philosophy.